Black and White Study

I’ve always loved black and white images. I took photo for many many years and developed my own images. I decided to try an experiment with my latest blog photos in black in white instead of color using snap seed as the photo editor. I was hit my a huge rush of nostalgia when seeing…

teachertoolbox: Home Made Water Colours. I have always liked the idea of artists making their own materials to use. Maybe take this further and make natural versions of paint? …. 3 Tbs corn starch 3Tbs baking soda 3Tbs vinegar 1 1/2 tsp of corn syrup food coloring

Gorgeous map of LA 11x 14 print only $50 at 20 x 200. (via 20×200 – Print Information | prettymaps (la), by Aaron Straup Cope)

Wayne Thiebaud “Cakes” 11 x 14 print. The painting was completed in 1963. Only $3 at the national gallery store. (via Thiebaud, Wayne Cakes Print | National Gallery of Art Shop)

Vintage botanical prints make for lovely decor. Look for plates in old books at a used book store for an affordable and conversation starting art piece. (via botanical art books | Design*Sponge)

Free Nursery Prints! “Peep Calm and Carry” is one of many printable and extremely affordable prints by Salt and Pepper. The print above is FREE. Many of the other ones on their site are under $5. Just take the file into Kinko’s or use your own printer. See more here. (via Printables by Salt and…

“Ten dollar ledges” are given the name due to the amount of money usually paid in lumber for these bad boys. Anna White offers free plans and step by step instructions on how to make them yourself! So there. I thought you should know.