Simplicity Consulting

Let’s create the life your love by focusing on what matters the most and eliminating the rest…

Covid-19 Work/Live/Educate Consultation

I want you to know my heart goes out to all of the amazing parents right now holding it down at home. I am here right alongside you. As an educator, mother and Montessorian, I would love to offer a totally free initial chat with you about you amazing families and how to find the harmony at home in this “new normal.” I am available via zoom and hangouts and phone. Send an email using the link below or by clicking here.

Other Services

Simplicity from Scratch

Let’s find your north star through value-based living and goal-setting and get rid of the emotional and physical clutter that is holding you back.

Simplicity Spaces

Feel at peace in your space. Our homes and the atmosphere we build around us dramatically influences our habits, moods and interactions. Look critically at your space and let’s help you be the creator of your own universe.

Stunningly Simple Parenting

Let’s dig into the connection to the children, partners, and any/all people that populate your home and life and create an atmosphere of harmony, support and mutual respect.

I’d love to connect about all of your simplicity needs. Send along a note for a totally free chat about you and your beautifully unique situation and let’s explore how I can help.

$45/hour flat rate. And sliding scale to all in need.

Let’s create your dream life together.