Pebble Mason Jar Candle Holder

We’ve been trying to make our days include more rhythm and predictability for Charlotte. Dinner time is really special for us. It’s usually the first time Charlotte gets to see her dad on the weekdays and it’s big and leisurely on the weekends. We now have her set the table with one of us and…

Frugal Fall Decorating: Lady and Gent Scarecrows

My daughter has been very interested in the seasons this year. She was aware of summer, as anyone would be in Texas. We told her it is now fall and that the leaves change, the weather gets cooler, halloween is soon to come, and pumpkins come into the store and in our food. Scarecrows started…

Fall Craft: Autumn Leaves Sponge Painting (Toddler friendly)

This craft works great on a tote bag with fabric paint or just some paper for the kiddos. Charlotte like swirling the paint more than sponging, but to each her own, right? Gather Fabric or kid friendly paint in fall colors. 1 sponge with different sized leaves cut out A plate for mixing the colors…

Frugal Fall Decorating: Little Pumpkin Mantel (Goodwill Find)

I definitely am excited about fall, perhaps like never before. (I know I say that every post these days.) Living here in Austin, the weather just gets gorgeous. And the winter squashes come into the markets and the whole town comes alive anew after hibernating for a good part of the summer. And! I have…

Leaves, They Are Changin’

China berry trees have the messiest fruit that no one can eat, but they have beautiful, changing leaves in September. We spotted these leaves exploring the backyard this morning.

Late Bloomers

These beauties decided to emerge the middle of this September heat. I guess there are a few benefits to Texas summers.

Fall is Coming

There is nothing like fall in central Texas. The summer heat slowly and gradually dissipates and you can emerge from air conditioned life and lounge outside again. Charlotte and I found these on our walk this morning.