Cookbook Review: Pretty Simple Cooking

Let me just say this cookbook has more than earned the 5 stars I’m giving it here. Anyone who knows me knows I have a teeny bit of an obsession with making food less than 10 ingredients that are filled with fresh, bright flavors, very plant-forward and somewhat “Californian” in nature. I swear I thought this couple was from San Francisco or Santa Barbara. Alas, they are not., instead hailing from Indianapolis, IN.

I fell in love with this cookbook from the moment I made “Layered Mediterranean Hummus Platter” for my book club group. We devoured it. My daughters and I then worked our way through Artichoke Lentil Stew, Mixed Greens with Peaches and Classic Greek Salad. This collection of recipes represents exactly how we love to eat. The freshest seasonal produce, very little gluten, lots of healthy fats and although it is meatless, we never miss it. Let me know if you pick up a copy and what you think!

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