The Power of Red

THE POWER OF REDA woman with bright red lipstick, a man with a wide deep red tie, a cherry red vespa zooming past you, a field of red poppies- the color red simply says pay attention. It’s the color of love, lust and passion- flushed cheeks and rosy lips. It’s the color of blood, our life force. Shades of it look good on all skin types and colors, all races. It can be a bit of a frightening color because we may not be used to being noticed. We may not be comfortable with being in the spotlight. But we should be, at least sometimes. Red is power and we need a power boost sometimes. Maybe a first date for some, or a job interview. Maybe a swimsuit. Don’t run from the color, explore it. Try on different shades, different items. You’ll find the right red, the right color to pull from when you need it. And you’ll be happy to have it.

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