Fall Closet Cleanse: Five Steps to Getting Your Closet Ready for Cooler Weather

Fall Closet Cleaning

Here in Austin, the summer heat is very slowly waning. I can see colder weather on the horizon and for that, I am thankful. Which is why it is time to get our fall closet cleaning over with. Then, when we skip with glee to purchase our new fall items come october, we will have a wonderful tidy space waiting for us.

Those of us in other, more sane climates may have already started the process of pulling out your warmer clothes. Let’s not talk about it 😉


      1. Out with the old, in with the new:


      Take your summer items out and bring in the transitional pieces. If you’re climate had chilly nights already, or close, feel free to bring more fall and winter items in.

2. Sweater revamp:
-Remove ANY sweater that is not flattering on you. If you think all sweaters are unflattering, call me. I’ll rock your world with awesome sexy sweaters.
-Check remaining sweaters for quality. Donate any that have seen their share of winters. If your all time favorite swester has a little pilling, take a disposable razor and very gently shave them off. Or buy a sweater shaver. They are nifty but not necessary.

3. Winter scarf love:
-Sort and purge any scarves that no longer for your sense of style including any gifts your never going to wear.
-Diy or buy a scarf hanger: These babies keep both summer and winter scarves off the floor and snag free and you can choose your favorite. They come in all shapes and sizes. From branches with leaves to butterflies, to a cedar hanger that helps repel moths.


    4. Coat review:
    -Check for moth damage, stains, fit and style
    -Repair if needed. Donate unwanted coats.
    -Buy one new coat or jacket. This item will be worn so regularly throughout the season, surely you can add one to your collection or replace a tired coat or jacket.

    5. Fall shoe rehab:
    -Pull out all boots, booties and shoeties and check for style. Are they still current? Scuffed? Need new heels?
    -Take any favorites needing a little TLC to a shoe repair shopto reheel, resolve, get new laces, etc.
    -Buy or DIY some boot shapers: Boot shapers keep your favorite boots in perfect condition all year. Come fall, they also sit neatly in your closet. Most boot shapers, like these from BBB also have a hook so you can hang them if so desired. You know what else works wonders? Wine bottles. Yep, you’re welcome.

    Photo credit bed bath and beyond.

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