Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca

watermelon mintLovely, hot, hot summer. This part of the country takes summer seriously. The heat usually creeps up to low to mid 90s in May and stays hot through September. There is an acceptance of the heat here. 90 feels cool and breezy, anything under 100 workable. This year we’ve been lucky with a long, chilly winter and a wet spring, but summer is here. It’s creeped its way in.  School is almost out, outdoor concerts and movies have started to appear and this year, Charlotte and I are seeing fireflies for the first time in Texas. Something about the long winter makes me excited about the warmth this year. Splashing and swimming with Charlotte, exploring the cities splash pads with my two girls and setting out on early morning adventures when the temperature is still livable sound like a pretty fun way to spend a season.

With summer also comes delectable, sweet and satisfying summer drinks. Today we hacked up a watermelon and blended these little refreshers. So darn good. I think I enjoy this drink more than actually eating watermelon. Also, it’s crazy simple. Watermelon, ice and mint. You will feel cooled down in no time. Here’s to summer.


3 cups watermelon

1 cup ice

1-2 sprigs of mint, leaves removed


Blend and enjoy! Garnish with a sprig if mint and a little slice of watermelon if you are feeling a tad fancy.

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