Finding a Rhythm (with Waldorf-Inspired Daily Rhythm Printable)

Microsoft Word - Our Daily Rhythm.docxCharlotte has been home with me now for a few weeks and we are slowly finding a rhythm for our small family. Now that she doesn’t have anywhere to be, she wakes up slowly and takes her time helping to prepare and to eat breakfast. She helps me with almost every chore and takes time to enjoy our back yard. We bake, play instruments and build towers. She spends time doing her own work everyday, whether it’s a lacing project or drawing a picture. We have challenges but they are ours and not linked to kids at school I’ve never met or teachers I need to discuss her emotions with. At this point in her life, we are simply better off together.

I’ve taken a lot of inspiration for our rhythm from the Waldorf movement. The term rhythm comes from Waldorf. We don’t have TV or screens and our toys aim to be made from natural materials whenever possible. I try to include lots of outside time and imaginative play. It has helped ground me in what I want from our time at home and realize that being here can be healing and rejuvenating. We don’t have to be gone all day to make our lives meaningful. We try to be home all day a few days a week to catch our breath and await the next day’s activities.

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