Homemade Brown Sugar (Using Demerara or Turbinado Sugar)

IMG_4040Turbinado and Demerara sugar are delicious alternatives to white table sugar. Both have larger crystals and naturally have a hint of carmel flavor.  I started using Demerara in my coffee and mmmmmmmm. They also has more trace minerals than the regular variety so if I am going to use sugar, I try to use turbinado or Demerara. Many of my recipes call for brown sugar, and as far as I know, my local health food stores don’t carry brown turbinado sugar. So I make my own and the molasses smells fresher and the taste is more complex and just delectable. It’s also absolutely wonderful not to have to go to the store for brown sugar ever again.


3 cups turbinado sugar

3 tbsp molasses



Blend with a wooden spoon or food processor if you desire a finer grain.

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