This Week’s Attempted Budget-Savvy Meal Plan (Vegetarian!)

Using our little meal planning printable, I planned our meals this week and went shopping. I tried to make this week extra-affordable but lo and behold 1) risotto rice (arborio) will cost more than you think, 2) butter is pricey, 3) price compare cause some places will vastly overcharge (i.e. hormone-free eggs at HEB vs Trader Joes.) and 4) Check ingredients before adding a recipe to your budget-savvy list. (Miso paste was pricey!)

I made an all vegetarian list but it’s quite carb-happy, so not sure if I made us any healthier. Anyway, our grocery total for two stores- HEB and Trader Joes was $85 and $30 respectively. Not bad for a family of three, but I think we could have saved $15-20 if we’d shopped a little smarter. Happily, many of these recipes call for vegetable stock and we made our own so that saved some $$. We also stretch most meals two days or fill in with frozen soups and pasta sauce from previous weeks. Every time I make a soup recipe, I make it for 8 and we only eat it one night so there are always really good homemade soups around. What are you cooking this week?? Got any good meal planning tips?

Homemade Granola
Raisin sprouted wheat bagels with whipped cream cheese
strawberry protein flax smoothies (recipe coming this week!)

Homemade “pickle chips
Oranges and apples
String cheese
Frozen Amy’s burritos

Italian Wonderpot
Margherita Pizza with Lazy Pizza Dough
Asparagus Risotto
Hearty Irish Lager Stew

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