Pebble Mason Jar Candle Holder


We’ve been trying to make our days include more rhythm and predictability for Charlotte. Dinner time is really special for us. It’s usually the first time Charlotte gets to see her dad on the weekdays and it’s big and leisurely on the weekends. We now have her set the table with one of us and we light the candle at the beginning of the meal and she gets to blow it out at the end. The jar is nice and safe to have around a toddler, tapers would have been a little more worrying for me.
This was a fun free craft for us to do Saturday afternoon. We grabbed some pebbles from the back yard, sifted out the dirt using her sandbox sifter and added a tea light.

Mason jar or decorative jar
Marbles or pebbles
Small candle- tea light or votive


Gather pebbles on a nature walk or from your yard

Sift dirt out of pebbles or rinse pebbles in a strainer

Place pebbles in jar, add candle and light!

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