Nifty 50 Minimalist Wardrobe

I am imagining a 5 minute getting dressed routine that always has enough variety. I am imagining a clean clear closet with inspiring pieces in it. I imagine looking in the mirror and being happy with what I see, every day. This is the goal of this wardrobe. If you only own things 1) you love, 2) flatter your shape, and 3) match everything else in your wardrobe, life in the dressing realm gets a whole lot easier. Fewer items overall contributes significantly to a faster selection time.

I’ve been thinking/planning/obsessing over this concept for months. The main goal is to obtain a sense of peace with what I wear, to value what I put on my body, to fill in holes that make getting dressed stressful (I need pants! I never have any clean pants!) and to avoid buying emotionally. (I really don’t need another cardigan, ever.)

What is not included in the 50: Shoes*, tanks and under shirts, bras and undies, outerwear, pjs and workout clothes.

Nifty 50 Minimalist Wardrobe

Bottoms – 10 – 3 jeans, 3 black pants, 2 colored pants, 2 skirts
Dresses – 5 – 3 casual/work, 2 dress up/down
Tops- 25- 5 short sleeve, 5 long sleeve 5 dressy, 10 cardigans/sweaters
Accessories – 10 – 3 scarves, 3 necklaces, 3 earrings, 1 bracelet. 

(Feel free to change the breakdown in each category to your personal choice. i.e. More black pants, fewer skirts, no scarves, etc.)

Challenge: Go count the items in your closet and dresser. I’ll bet it’s much over 100 and you only like maybe half of it.
Let me know what you have!

*For shoes, I am working on the nifty 15. (Post coming!)

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