Carrot Cutie Smoothie


Charlotte and I love our smoothies. I always try to have at least one veggie in them and she’s usually a fan whatever the color. This one did not disappoint with its bright orange hue. The flavor produced is fresh and easy to drink. Cuties, or mandarin oranges make great smoothie additions because you can buy them in huge quantities, they add natural sweetness and are easy to peel. A little cinnamon makes this smoothie a step above your average store-bought smoothie in my humble opinion. It also costs much much less and retains all nutrients because it’s not pasteurized. It can make you feel better about all those cookies you dunked in your morning coffee… or was that just me?

2 cups carrot juice
3 mandarin oranges, peeled and divided in half
1/2 tsp cinnamon
4 ice cubes

Extra oomph: 1 tsp-1tbsp flax seed

Add everything into your blender and blend for about a minute. Enjoy!

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