Homemade Sink and Tub Scrub and Air Freshener


I am very excited about the discovery of this scrub/air freshener and how I put it to use in my bathroom. I mix baking soda and some delicious and grime fighting antibacterial essential oils and inhale deeply. (I use orange and lemon.) Sitting on the counter of my bathroom, the whole place smells like citrus. And if I feel like cleaning, well there it is looking at me. The best way I’ve found this to work on grime and soap scum is with a vinegar/water rinse or vinegar based cleaner like this tea tree multi-purpose cleaner. Vinegar + Baking soda breaks down to mostly water and the bubbling really helps removes stuck on scum.

For storing, feel free to use any cup or jar, but if you’re feeling really cool, buy a shaker with large holes (i.e. restaurant supply store parmesan cheese shaker.) I just cleaned my sink with this “tub scrub” and found it just as easy to use as scrubbing bubbles. And with my daughter in the room “helping,”  I was so very happy it was all so non-toxic. The biggest thing I had to worry about was her making a mess. Anyway, I’ll explain it all better below, please pardon my long ramble! (I blame the small child in my tummy. Almost 39 weeks!)

1/2 c baking soda
20 drops Lemon, tea tree or lavender essential oil. (All have anti-bacterial properties)
Additional essential oil for scent. (I used orange)
Cup, jar or shaker for storing.


Combine baking soda and essentil oils in jar or storage container and stir with a tiny whisk or fork until all is incorporated.

Wipe down entire sink or tub with a damp sponge. Sprinkle scrub over the surface of the tub or sink. Spray it down with vinegar mix or vinegar multi-purpose cleaner. Watch it bubble like your own, very affordable, scrubbing bubbles!

Let it sit for a few moments bubbling before scrubbing the sink/tub gently with the scrubber side of your sponge. Rinse tub or sink with warm water and stand back and observe your very clean, very affordable, very non-toxic bathroom space.

It will stay fragrant for a few weeks at least. Add more oil if desired if it starts to lose its fragrance.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. brittlaux says:

    This looks awesome! I am always a little disappointed with “green” cleaners for the bathroom because we have well water and a 22 year old tub… Talk about rust stains! I think vinegar might be just the thing

    1. missveronique says:

      Let me know what you think! We really like it 😉

  2. Katherine Maier says:

    Definitely want to try it. Sounds amazing.

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