Newborn Tracking Printable, “Our Baby’s Day”

Our Baby's Day

This is what happens when the baby takes her time arriving, I start making printables. I do like how this came out and can’t wait to put it to use once she makes her grand appearance. We tracked these same things with Charlotte, but on an app that never synced and our phones seemed to never be charged. This time around, I will place a weeks worth of tracking sheets in our home organization binder (post coming) and anyone watching baby can add to it. If you or someone you know has a baby on the way, click on the image for a jpeg to print. Here is a PDF as well.

To Use

Diaper Count:
Place a #1 or #2 in diaper count boxes as the day progresses. It is important to know if you’re baby is going enough, but honestly, no one wants to know exactly what time every day these things occur.

Feeding Schedule:
Start time and end time. We all hope our kiddo will get onto some type of feeding schedule. This part of the sheet can help you see what time of day she seems hungry and if a pattern is emerging. I wouldn’t advise adding up how many hours are spent feeding. It’s sometimes resembles at least half the day. Best not to think about it!

Sleep Schedule:
Start time and end time. This will help a ton once you are trying to see if they are getting on any kind of schedule and how much sleep they’re getting. Feel free to approximate some, who can really remember exactly the time she was asleep in the wee hours of the night.

I think we can all get caught up in the tracking and forget how amazing it is to spend our lives with a new human. This box is to help remember the little things.

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