Attempted Budget-Savvy Meal Plan (And Printable Meal Planning Sheet)

We are still trying to use what’s available and I am happy to report that much less got thrown out this week. I have been experimenting with streamlining our weekly meal planning and have found a formula that works for us. One large weekend meal, a soup to last the week, a leftover meal from that hearty meal (big money saver,) a pasta or pizza meal to satisfy the toddler and a quick and/or easy meal aka salad or roasted veggies with rice for those nights we are exhausted. I also add a wildcard meal to the mix if we know we are having, say, guests on Thursday. I also went “all out” and made myself a printable for my home organization notebook. (I know, nerd.) I believe you can just click on the jpeg below and print if so desired. Here is the word doc if you’d like to edit it to your liking. (Weekly Meals) We don’t plan M-F like many people do because things come up and also, I find it much easier to know I’m looking to fill a “soup” slot or to find a good “hearty meal” for Sunday.

Now, back to this week. We now commit to three stores: Costco once a month, Trader Joes and Central Market. We go to Costco for very specific items that are much better priced there, (post coming soon!) Trader Joes for dry goods and staple organic produce and Central Market for all other produce and hormone-free meat.  Our trader joes bill was only $35 and our Central Market bill was $62, totaling $97 including a $33 brisket. Whoops, that was way to much brisket for one week. So we will be cooking and freezing half for another week. As mentioned before, the cost breakdown of each meal is an approximation of what was spent on the meal this week. It’s just too crazy complicated to keep up with each ingredient over time.

Note: Check in throughout the week here and with individual posts as we make and photograph the meals.

Without further ado, this week we will be eating:


Hearty: Beef brisket with organic carrots and potatoes $37 (half for another week)

Leftover: Brisket tacos with whole wheat tortillas, pinto beans and rice $2

Weekly Soup: Garden vegetable soup $8 (A few portions frozen for later meal)

Pizza/Pasta: Margarita pizza with fresh basil from the garden and fresh tomatoes Free-Pantry or garden items

Quick meal: Lemon chicken with green beans and roasted yukon gold potatoes $4 (Chicken purchased previous week)


Whole wheat english muffins with cream cheese and jam $0.50

Healthy Happy Pumpkin Waffles Free (Pantry and fridge items)

Muesli with an organic banana $0.50

Eggs with protein and spinach $0.70

Oatmeal with organic bananas and raisins

Mama and Toddler Lunch

Paleo medley: Protein (ie lunch meat, cheese or tofu) + Organic Sale Fruit + Organic Veggie (carrots or cucumbers) $2

Leftovers Free

Dad Lunch

Ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with baby carrots, cucumbers, fruit and veggie chips


Green smoothies, applesauce, fresh fruit, raw nuts with raisins, homemade granola


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