Patchwork Pumpkin: Toddler Craft


Patchwork pumpkins, what a fun fall idea. These pumpkins make great decorations throughout November and they last much longer than jack-o-lanterns since you won’t be carving them. We wanted Charlotte to have the ability to decorate her own pumpkin without sharp knives and so we cut up pieces of tissue paper and covered the pumpkin in homemade Mod Podge. She stuck her little squares anywhere she saw fit and then proceeded to help me with “my pumpkin.” We both enjoyed the process very much and the results were sweet and homemade.

Mod Podge or homemade Mod Podge
Tissue paper in various colors
Foam brush

Cut up tissue paper into desired shapes.

Apply Mod Podge to a few-inch strip section of the pumpkin then apply the tissue paper shapes.

Go over the squares/shapes carefully with the Mod Podge to ensure they all stick well to the pumpkin.

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