Attempted Budget-Savvy Meal Plan This Week

You will find our planned meals for this week below. Somehow, magically, our grocery bill is looking like it will amount to approximately $60 once we visit one more store mid-week for a few more items. We average about $150 a week normally, but we actually cleaned our fridge this weekend and found tons of great items to put to use from last week. That alone is saving us a fortune.

Sadly, we also found far too many things that needed to be thrown out entirely, which is always heartbreaking. I have vowed to clean out the fridge every week before our grocery trip to see what I can use before it goes bad. This meal plan is also a little frozen and ready-made meal centric since we have those around to use up. We normally cook more from scratch.

I have labeled the meals below with the amount of money that we had to spend this week. Many items we always just have around, like flour  and spices for gingerbread pancakes or marinara sauce (Organic Marinara $7 for 12 cans at Costco!) It would be interesting to see how much it really costs per ingredient, but I no longer have access to the amounts spent for each item. (Or the time!)

Oatmeal with organic banana and raisins $1 
Sprouted wheat bagel with whipped cream cheese $1.50
Whole Wheat Gingerbread pancakes Free
Scrambles with spinach and cheese and occasional nitrate-free deli meat
Banana with peanut butter or toast with peanut butter and a little honey

Toddler (and Pregnant Mama) Lunches
Hormone and Nitrate free deli meat with cheese, baby carrots or cucumbers and fruit with milk or water $2-3 approx
Leftovers Free
Green smoothie with frozen fruits and veggies $2 approx

Seasonal on-sale organic fruit with cashews and/or raisins $2
Ants on a log- organic celery with peanut butter and raisins $1
Green smoothie (on different days from those had for lunch) $2

Sunday- Chicken Pot Pie (made from leftover roast chicken) $3 
Monday- Apple Carrot Sweet Potato Soup (made a few weeks ago and frozen)Free!
Tuesday- All-natural, preservative-free frozen pizza $6
Wednesday- Sausage-stuffed Zucchini (using leftover marinara sauce) and side salad $8
Thursday- Black bean and mango quesadillas Free! 
Friday- Leftovers, inexpensive take out or ready-made meal $0-10

One Comment Add yours

  1. Katherine Maier says:

    Yummy choices for very little dough!

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