DIY Reed Diffuser: All Natural and Remarkably Simple Way To Scent Your Home


This was so easy to do, I can’t wait to start giving them as gifts. I even thought I should take them to a farmers market and sell them since they are affordable and easy, but smell divine. Basically, take a carrier oil, a little alcohol, 25 drops of essential oil (lemongrass, lavender and lemon or ylang ylang are great,) reeds, a beautiful container and voila, you have a great smelling room. I just flip the reeds once a day to keep our bathroom smelling wonderful. The recipe can be doubled or tripled for larger containers.

4 oz carrier oil- safflower, grape seed or almond oil are common choices
1 tsp rubbing alcohol- 95%
Bamboo skewers , pointy ends trimmed or rattan reeds
20-30 drops of essential oil- I used lavender and lemon. Fresh and relaxing.
1 pretty narrow necked container
Funnel -optional but very helpful.

Add oil and alcohol with the funnel to container and mix with a skewer, or shake covered with a fingertip to combine.

Drop in essential oils directly in container and mix again.

Let the reeds or skewers soak up oil for at least an hour, then flip, enabling the maximum amount of scent in the room.

Tip: The bigger the room, the more scent you will want to add to make the smell penetrate.

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