Square Foot Gardening Adventure: Selecting Fall Plants


Selecting plants is definitely the most nerve wracking/awesomely fun part of the process. We had a general idea of what was recomended for fall and went from there. We went for a combination of seeds and transplants and it came to about $40. We definitely could have fit more transplants into the squares, but didn’t want to spend a fortune. (More on this below.) If you, like us, are at a loss with where to start, here are a few great steps that can lead you in the right direction.

First: check your hardiness zone. It is based on the average low temperature. When your location goes below freezing and for how long will be the greatest guide on what to plant.

Second: check the first and last frost date in your area. It will make a very large difference in what you can plant

Third: Check out the handy chart of fall planting dates for common veggies. Select your top choices that will fit in your square foot garden. Think smaller varietals.

Fourth: Go to a plant nursery. If you have a local one, even better. Garden Guides has a directory to help you find one. Local nurseries really know your area and can lead you in the best choices. Honestly, you could just do this step and things would probably turn out great.

Lastly: Decide on transplants vs seed. Some plants only come in seed, so those you will have no choice in. The transplants that are available will save you time, weeks to months in fact, but not any money. One transplant cost us $1.50-2.50 and an entire packet of seeds often cost that (for hundreds of seeds.) So we went the seed route on most items, but got transplants for herbs because we want to use them as soon as humanly possible. Fresh herbs are a fortune at the grocery store, especially when you need three different types for a recipe.


Good luck! Let me know how your garden is growing!



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  1. I planted everything from seed this fall. Romaine, ice berg, loose leaf, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, red russian kale, dinosaur kale, two different chards, collards, cabbage, chinese cabbage, bok choi, and three different kinds of peas. Fall’s a good time to plant here. 🙂

    1. missveronique says:

      Mmmmmm. Sounds like a million great recipes waiting to happen. We are eagerly awaiting our little sprouts to grow into greens and the like, my daughter’s face lit up to see the first sign of life emerge from the soil. Gardening is pretty magical.

      1. I can’t blame her, that’s my favorite part too!

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