Non-plastic Toddler Dishes, Tableware and Utensils

We are trying to get rid of plastic that’s in and around our food, but it is quite a long journey. I think because they are growing and changing so quickly, it is a great idea to start with the kid items and work our way to our everyday cooking and eating. There are so many beautiful glass, ceramic and wooden options out there. I’ve selected a few of my favorites below.

urushiset4pc_LRG  colouredbowls_LRGfabler--piece-flatware-set__0098666_PE239870_S4

833a60_1ffeefb0b824b6a17e3fe117e3176fbf.jpg_srz_365_193_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz Kids-Dishware-Glass_0.gif DishSet.jpg

Children’s 4-Piece Japanese Wooden Lacquerware Set, Children’s Cereal Bowl Set – with Stainless Steel Interior, IKEA fabler utensil setspuds sprout gift set,( made from reclaimed potatoes,) glass kids dishware set, and stainless steel children’s dishware set.

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  1. We’ve been on the greener living process of eliminating everyday exposure to toxins for several years… It’s a slow process with a few set backs (especially for my husband at work and the many gifts we receive from family for our little guys birthday and Christmas)

    1. missveronique says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’ve been thinking a lot about christmas as well. There just seems to be so very much to replace! But of course, there is always used and craigslist and ebay. But that takes patience as well. It’s always nice to see someone else is out there aiming for the same goals 😉

      1. True, true… I hate having people come to my house or having to ship stuff…I really want to just put stuff out on my driveway but my (well-intending) in-laws live right next door!

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