Make Your Own Coffee Concentrate or Espresso (Moka Pot Method)

Cold brew and coffee concentrate are not the same method of making coffee, but at times they are both included in one product. Cold brew implies no heat being added and coffee concentrate is a very strong coffee to be used in a multitude of ways. I love cameleon cold brew, but four servings costs $6.25 and that’s almost as much as I pay at the local cofee shop. So I started thinking about making my own. Coffee concentrate needs very little water and I realized that it is very similar to espresso. To be precise, espresso uses steam pressed through coffee beans and with coffee, water soaks the beans.
So I dusted off my little 6 serving stovetop “moka pot” espresso maker (I got mine for around $25 online, but they go for less used) and made espresso with costco coffee that was $4 a pound. I then chilled it overnight and used it for an iced latte this morning. Iced coffee would have been adding 4-6 oz of water instead. One pound of coffee will last weeks to a month using this method. Grab an affordable moka pot here or here if you want to see the magic for yourself. If you are interested in cold brewing in a french press, I will post tomorrow on that process.

Coffee beans ground on medium coarseness (Fair trade is nice)
8 oz filtered Water
6 serving Moka Pot


  1. Add 1/2 c coffee beans to a coffee grinder and grind on medium
  2. Add distilled water to bottom of moka pot, making sure it doesn’t exceed the steam valve.
  3. Scoop in the coffee and level off with a butter knife and screw on the top piece of the pot gently.
  4. Set moka pot onto the stove on low and watch it work it’s magic. It’ll take 10-15 minutes usually. It is complete when no more espresso is percolating out of the spout.
  5. Pour the espresso into a sealed container and chill overnight. Use any way you’d use coffee or espresso!

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