Make Your Own DIY Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate (French Press Method)


French press coffee is absolutely, positively wonderful. It requires no electricity and the flavors of the coffee are really brought out by the steeping method. I love it hot, but have found it maybe even more enjoyable (personally) cold. Cold brewed french press is the best of all worlds, it’s easy, cheap and yummy. If you’re in the habit of buying a Toddy or iced coffee daily, this will save you tons of cash. I buy costco beans for about $4 a pound, fair trade is a bit more, maybe $5. A pound of coffee makes about 100 cups of regular strength coffee and that’s $.05 per cup for fair trade. If you like your coffee strong, it’s $0.10. Purchasing an 32oz french press should run you $15-$20. And then you can sell your $150 Kuerig on craigslist and say good riddance.

Cold Brewed French Press Coffee Concentrate
Yield: 16 regular strength or 8 strong cups of coffee

1 cup whole coffee beans
Coffee grinder
32 oz French press

Grind coffee on the course setting and add it to the press
Add filtered water to almost fill, leaving enough for the plunger to rest on top, un-plunged.
Stir the coffee with a wooden spoon. Don’t use metal, it can effect the taste.
Place it in the fridge 8-12 hours.
Stir one last time, then slowly push the plunger down to press the beans.
Add 2 oz to a glass, then add milk or water and preferred sweetener
Taste for strength and add more coffee if desired.
Enjoy your fancy coffee!

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  1. Katherine Maier says:

    I really enjoyed your iced coffee recipes as well as your tea tree cleaner, but I believe my favorite visuals was of your trip to the farm. Beautiful, well written and inspirational blog.

    1. missveronique says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We love our little adventures and the farm will be talked about for many weeks to come in this house!

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