Lovely Green Tea Honey Lemonade


I am not so secret fan of Starbucks. I was a much bigger one when I went to work every day. These days, I let myself indulge maybe once or twice a month. The green tea lemonade they have was the perfect summertime (or anytime) drink, but of course it is filled with chemicals and tons of corn syrup and refined sugars. I decided to tinker around with some tea and lemons and see what I could come up with. This drink is very refreshing. I enjoyed it on the porch this weekend in our lovely fall 80 degree weather. The lemons have the highest vitamin content cold and unheated, so wait until the tea has cooled before mixing it, thereby keeping all the goodness intact. Enjoy and let me know if you make any yummy changes. I am already thinking about variations including pomegranate lemonade, or lavender lemonade.


4 green tea bags
1 cup of organic lemon juice (I used 1.5 lbs of organic lemons)
6 cups of water, divided
1 cup of honey
1 lemon for garnish
Citrus squeezer or juicer
Small mesh strainer (optional)


Gently warm the tea bags and honey in a 2 quart pan with four cups of water and turn off the heat when it starts to steam. Green tea is not supposed to ever get to boiling or it will remove some of its anti-oxidant properties and taste. Remove and discard the tea bags and stir to combine the honey and tea.Remove the tea from the heat.

Squeeze or juice the lemons, strain out large pulp and seeds, and set aside about 30 minutes while the tea mixture cools.

Mix the tea, lemon juice, and 2 last cups of water in a large bowl and stir well.

Slice a lemon for garnish and serve in a glass full of ice. Drink immediately, and enjoy with your feet up!

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