Strawberry Lemonade Brightening Face Scrub (All Natural DIY)


This is a really fun scrub to make and use. If you happen to get some on the side of the container and happen to taste a little, that just adds to the fun. The strawberries are packed full of vitamin C for glowing skin and the lemon juice has vitamin C and skin brightening qualities. The almond oil and vitamin e oil add moisture and contribute to minimizing fine lines. Delicious and nutritious.
I just used mine this morning in the shower, it’s cool and refreshing and gives my skin good moisture to start the day. Of course, it’s also good in the evening to take off makeup and toxins that have built up on your skin. Your choice!
The scrub lasts about two weeks in the fridge. (Give it a good sniff after a week before using) Use a few nights or mornings a week for two weeks, then discard any remaining scrub.

1/2 c fine sugar, preferably organic
1 tbsp almond oil
1/4 tsp vitamin e oil or a few capsules
2 tbsp fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
2 strawberries
Small food processor or muddler

Blend strawberry and lemon juice in a mini food prep food processor or with a muddler.
Combine strawberry mixture and oils in a small bowl and whisk in the sugar. Add more sugar if needed to make a grainy textured scrub.
Place the mixture in a small jar, and refrigerate until ready to use.

Rinse face with very warm water to open pores then spread on mixture circling your rough area with your fingertips.
Gently wipe off scrub with a wash cloth and rinse face with water.

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  1. sandy says:

    What is the shelf life of scrub in refrigerator

    1. Veronica M. says:

      Hi! Mine lasts about a month since I like the essential oil to stay fresh. It could last longer if you are not as worried as I am about a delightful smell.

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