Paleo Toddler Lunch

Toddler lunch

Update: Original post had the inclusion of cheese with no note explaining that dairy is not considered Paleo by most people on the diet. Some modified paleo diets do include dairy in moderation.

My daughters lunches used to be an ordeal. We have to cook, heat, stir and create all while she was reaching her limit on hunger. Soup is great, but giving her a hot liquid she couldn’t eat easily was not the easiest choice. Then we went to a play date and these kids were eating all protein, veggies and a little fruit. They loved it. So we tried rolled up lunch meat, cheese (not included in strict paleo diets), veggies and/or fruit and it worked really well. She now asks for ham and cheese and apples for lunch most days. Sticking with Paleo, we sometimes do eggs with ham and veggies scrambled in, adding cheese because we are not, by any means 100% Paleo. What we love about the “recipe” is that is can be whatever we happen to have around. Dried apricots, cucumbers, applesauce and turkey or an egg, ham and spinach. We also occasionally make soup and serve a protein on the side.

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