Roobis Vanilla Chai Latte

I adore chai in all it’s forms, but really I just like warm, slightly sweetened vanilla-flavored milk with spices laced through it. The tea matters, but not as much as the aforementioned creamy spice combination. In pregnancy, most doctors recommend up to 2 cups of coffee a day, or 200 mg of caffeine. I usually have this first thing in the morning in the form of a little french press and have very little caffeine for the rest of the day. If I need something desert like at night, I have this lovely drink. Any milk will due- almond, soy, coconut, cows, hemp. Whole milk or soy will make the creamiest mixture, but they all have interesting and unique flavors. The orange oil (or peel) is an addition I tried in the chai I had at the White Raven, a little coffee shop in the Santa Cruz mountains. It remains one of the best I’ve ever had. Charlotte and I made this chai on one of the rare rainy days this summer. We sat at the kitchen window, watching and listening to the rain as we sipped.

Note: I use yogi brand roobis chai bags and just noticed they use stevia leaf in their mix. If that’s something you avoid, try another brand.

Makes four 8 oz servings


8 Chai roobis tea bags (I use yogi)

3 cups organic whole milk (or other milk)

1 cup water

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 cinnamon stick or a few shakes of dried cinnamon

5 whole cloves

A few shakes of dried ginger

1 dried orange peel or 1/8 tsp orange oil (optional)

1 tbsp honey or natural sweetener of choice


Add all ingredients to a sauce pan and simmer covered, stirring often for 5 minutes. Turn off heat. Let sit for 10 more minutes to lend the flavors.

Squeeze out tea bags and discard, discard cloves and cinnamon stick

Taste for sweetness, and add more honey to taste.

Add contents to a blender and blend for 15-30 seconds until frothy. Serve with a dash of dried cinnamon on top. Mmmm.

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