Eating at Our Place This Week

We almost always meal plan and shop on Saturday. We shop at Central Market, which is a little crazy for anyone budget minded, but somehow we get out of there spending less than when we go to the large generic grocery chains. It may be that we just buy less or their vast bulk section that saves us a ton on nuts, dried fruit, honey, and most of all, spices. Without further ramblings, here’s what we’re eating this week and what we spent at the store.

And, side note, we usually are not so heavy on the pasta!


Pork Ribs with corn and green beans with peanut butter fudge for dessert. (1 night)

Margarita Mac and Cheese adding zucchini, tomatoes and fresh basil. (2 nights)

Penne with Meat Sauce with Mushrooms and a side salad. (2 nights)

Grilled sausages with grilled veggies (1 night)


Grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat with tomato soup and side of carrots

Left over hearty italian soup

Sauteed Sausages with mixed veggies

Black bean burritos with mixed veggies and rice


Homemade granola with milk

Plain yogurt with honey, sunflower seeds, and fruit, raisins or fruit sweetened jam mixed in

Egg scramble with nitrate-free ham, parmesan cheese, italian herbs and spinach

Oatmeal with bananas and raisins

Spinach smoothies: Banana, berries, oj, plain yogurt, a little honey and 2 large handfuls of spinach

Total spending at Central Market for food was $155.

Cost per meal breakdown- If I had it on the pantry per shopping trip, I didn’t count it. Next week, I’ll try to factor in the total cost not just to our family with our pantry.

Ribs- $30/5 ppl= $6 per serving

Pasta- 21.95/5= $4.39 per serving

Quesadillas- $10.75/4= 2.68 per serving

Mac and Cheese- 11.66/6= $1.94 per serving

Sausages- 7.10/3= $2.37 per serving

Granola-2.77/20=$0.14 per serving (we had a ton of left over trail mix and agave nectar, lowering the price we paid out this time.)

Cookies-15.5/20= $0.77 per cookie

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