A topic I will always return to is intention. I want to live my life with intention, not accidentally stumbling my way through it. I want to be the person who I see when I close my eyes and know I’m striving everyday to become more of myself. I look back at my 18 year old self and I spent hours taking photographs and developing them myself in a darkroom. I did yoga 3-4 times a week and stood up for things I believed in. I wrote poetry and read good literature. At 19, I lived I London and traveled all over Western Europe.

Now I don’t quite know. I like taking photos and take them often, I have a pretty new guitar and have started playing old songs. I’m reading more literature. I don’t write poetry, but I’m not sure I’m missing out there. I miss travel, but it’s expensive.

As we get older, life gets in the way. Responsibilities, babies whom we love dearly require time and everyday activities we didn’t have before seemly appear out of nowhere. That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t love those moments. It’s not about getting out of things but getting into them. Cooking isn’t a chore, it’s a love. It’s good to remember that. Spending time outside with a child is a gift. Life itself is a gift that has been bestowed on us by some miracle, we really should appreciate that every day at least once.

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