My own lovely life list

I adore this list by the blogger at making it lovely. Ive started my own…
Build a tree house, plant a tree, have a child, be a mentor, own a home, record a natural phenomenon, make one place besides my own more beautiful, pick my own flowers for my table, take a bath in my own a claw foot bathtub, live near my Mom again, read all of Hemingway and Hesse, get a dog again, make ice cream, climb a tree, bake bread, go camping, play tennis, see penguins in real life, sew my own curtains…

Try escargot, cross the Canadian border, pick apples from an orchard, make a pie from scratch, visit a tropical island, write a book, curate an art show,  grow a fruit tree, sell a photograph, see an opera, wander the Uffizi , sing in the raintake communion in Norte Damesee the Mona Lisastand underneath the Sistine Ceiling, see Guernica, take pictures in Cuba, own a car made before 1969, see a volcano, see a Broadway show, plant tulips, donate regularly to charity, have a honeymoon, go berry picking, publish something, run naked in the rain, check out my heritage in Puerto Rico, gamble in Las Vegas, see the Statue of Liberty, have a martini on a rooftop bar, fix up a fixer-upper, paint a portrait, watch the sunrise from atop a mountain, live a life free of regret.

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