make, do & friend: 40 Ways to do Sensory Play

“You know the educational and developmental benefits of sensory play and you know your kiddos will love all the endless messy exploration and learning – but sometimes you just need a little inspiration right? Sensory Play is our favourite way to spend and afternoon, so I thought I’d share with you some fun ways to explore…
1. Playdough – you can read about the benefits here, super simple and cheap to make (you can find our favourite recipe at the end of this post) with endless colour and scent options – you can literally tailor it to whatever your child is into. Check out our Play with Playdough Pinboard for inspiration

Sensory Play Ideas for PreschoolersShaving Foam Bath Paint

2. Shaving foam – great for mark making and messy play. Use straight from the can, mix with food colouring like we did with these bathpaints, or equal parts PVA glue to make cloud paint
3. Dried beans or seeds – lovely to sink your hands into and ideal for pouring and scooping. You could try lentils, green split peas or broad beans like we did in our Small World Farm
4. Bubbles – I find the easiest way to do this is to put a tiny amount of water in a deep container, a load of washing up liquid/ dish soap and let the kids make the bubbles – the kiddos enjoyed whiskingand squeezy bottles in the past – a sponge saturated with soap and squeezed into submission would be fun too!
5. Mud – I’m pretty sure there is no way around this, especially if you have little boys. Set up a mudpie kitchen in the garden, plant seeds or use soil as a filler in a diggers and dumpers tub

Rainbow Goop

6. Goop, gak, flubber, oobleck, slime – whatever you call it, you have got to try it! Mix equal parts of cornflour and water to make this amazing non-Newtonian fluid- untouched it is a liquid, but when manipulated it turns to solid form We mixed ours with food colours to make this Rainbow Goop andGlow in the Dark Paint
7. Paint – try printing with toys, homemade puffy paint, stamping with fruit or just hand them a roll of paper and enjoy the process
Read the rest of the article by clicking the link above!

make, do & friend: 40 Ways to do Sensory Play

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