Being Who I Want My Kid To Be


What do I want for Charlotte?
I want her to be generous, to volunteer to help those less fortunate, to eat well and exercise regularly. I want her to have hobbies and to read often and to know where her food comes from and to love the crunch and taste of raw foods. I want her to enjoy the outdoors and know her way around a campfire. I want her to learn how to be self sufficient and to help with all aspects of home life. I want her to strive for the best, always.

As I sat thinking about her a few weeks ago, I realized if anything influences how she views the world, it’s our family. How we communicate, what we eat, who we show affection for and how we treat everyone around us is constantly being taken in by her. She may eventually figure out that C and I are not always the best at nature excursions and exercise.

Or maybe we will ask ourselves how badly we want these things for her. If we really want her to eat well and love veggies, then we have to eat well and love veggies. If we want her to love the outdoors, then we better go buy a tent. I feel like if we can’t live it ourselves, how could we ever think our child would somehow stumble upon the life we’d like for her?

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