Rocky Crib Adventures

We are on day 12 of the crib migration and she hasn’t yet fallen asleep in our bed for the night. She has definitely found her way in a few nights after a 6am wakeup, or a few nights ago it was 1am and after a few hours of sleep. C and I rocked and shh’d until we nearly fell asleep on our feet and just decided short of having her cry bloody murder, she won that night. She’s slept through the night three nights. She’s gone down in a few moments or a few hours depending on the day. Unfortunately, it’s getting more like a few hours lately. Is it possible that it’s getting worse? 

Sometimes I feel like she and I are attached at the hip, for better or worse. When we sleep together, we both seem to sigh in relief. I miss her so much at this point. But I also am happy she has slept through the night and is spending time in her own room. That is the whole reason we now have a three bedroom. 

Overall, I’m pretty torn. Being a new parent can feel isolating at times. I’ve read a multitude of books. Each parent and each child is so different with their needs, how can anyone write a book for everyone? So I sit here now at 10:18 listening to my little love wail in her room. She is a stubborn one, I’ll tell you that. And someday, that will help her get where she wants in life. Couldn’t she just develop this personality trait a little later in life? 

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