Oh Sugar, Oh Honey Honey…


I have a deep, deep love affair infatuation with sugar. I might just say that I have an addiction. And no, I don’t use that word lightly. I have the urge to eat it when alone so I can eat a giant serving without notice. Ice cream, cupcakes, cookies, and desserts of all kinds. I always have the urge to tip toe to the kitchen and snatch up whatever may be there. 

I’ve tried limiting it to once a week, then once a day. And yes, there are days when I don’t eat a sweet but they are few and far between. My cravings are pretty specific. I don’t want to eat oodles of carrot cake or pumpkin bread. I want cakes of any sort and ice cream mostly. 

Last night my apartment complex held a little dessert event. What did I do? I ate two cookies, three mini cupcakes and a mini brownie in the span of less than 10 minutes. Then we took some home and I snuck in to the kitchen a little while after dinner and ate three more mini cupcakes.  And then my stomach hurt. Go figure. Earlier today I also had a chocolate truffle, luckily only one. 

Enter google: “Sugar addiction.”

Google didn’t disappoint. This video from Good Morning America was a little hokey and slightly extreme but nonetheless, it was interesting. Other tips include:

Eat a protein rich breakfast without tons of carbs. The carbs only leave you craving more sugar a few hours later. In fact, eat more protein in general.

Sample natural sugars. Fruits do not activate the same brain chemicals as processed sugars and can be processed much better by the body

Drink lots of water. Sometimes our bodies crave food when really we are just thirsty. And water is so so good for you. 

Eat a healthy snack every few hours. Think raw nuts, plain yogurt, string cheese, cottage cheese, etc. 

When you do eat carbs, eat whole grain. The whole grains take longer to break down than the processed carbs so you feel full longer. Also, eat more fiber. Little known factm raspberries are chock full of them!

I think tomorrow I’ll replace my toast with an little spinach omelet, or maybe some yogurt. And I am getting up right now to refill my water glass. Sigh.

Wish me luck. 

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