Young House Love>> Reader Redesign: One Hexy Table

“Before and After” projects are my favorite things to read about and this one happens to be on one of my all time favorite blogs. Click here for the whole post!

Posted by John November 3, 2011

Will we ever grow tired of seeing a piece of furniture that has been completely transformed with a little bit of paint? Probably not. At least not as long as we’re getting emails like Jesse’s. Here’s an excerpt from his blog about the whole hexagon-tastic transformation of this coffee table that he sent our way:

You can see in the photo that this was one of those over-lacquered tables that was pretty beat up. But the curves are all there, and they are nice!

The top had really pretty woodwork, a nice diamond inlay. So, continuing with my recent love affair with wood AND paint rather than one or the other, I stripped this table to the bare wood. I stained the top “dark walnut” and then went hexagonal with it. Here’s the after:

I love the dark wood flowing in between those hexagons, and then the contrasting turquoise underneath. It’s actually a light turquoise that I spotted in the mishap aisle (so I can’t be sure of the name).

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