No Restaurant November


C and I sat looking at our budget from last month and it wasn’t a very pretty site. We went $200 over in dining out for a total of $349. $100 of that is generally C’s lunch and yes that may seem a bit much to some but $25 a week on amazing food made fresh by artisan chefs is an expense we try our best to afford. And hey, maybe you’re reading this thinking “I spend $300 in one weekend!” But we try not to and so far we’ve gone over budget every month since we have been tracking our expenses. So why not just raise the budget? We’ve done that and we still go over regardless of how much is budgeted.

Eating out seems to come in waves. Once we go, we tend to find ourselves on a bit of an eating out bender. Therefore, the theory goes, if we don’t eat out at all, then we don’t go over budget. This eating out doesn’t include C’s lunch though since that’s something that comes out about the same whether we pack it or not.

What it does include is coffee. Bummer. I have a coffee date with a friend later today and I’m going with my water bottle. I realized Starbucks won’t care and I brew pretty good stuff at home.

Photo Credit: Dining Out Healthy

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