10 Crazy Mom Goals for the Next Eternity

I suddenly want to be the person who makes perfect birthday cakes, sews Halloween costumes, whips up pancakes on Saturdays and always know the right thing to say. I want to be the person who always sends a card on your birthday with a message that’s heartfelt. Having Charlotte makes me want to be a more “responsible” driver and to return my library books on time. I want to make my own baby food from fresh veggies in my imaginary garden and become an expert in baby sign language and baby yoga… I know, it’s a little too “Martha” of me.

 My head knows that good parenting comes from much more than birthday cakes and library fines, but some part of me is so drawn to these things that I can’t just ignore it for the sake of my rational self. I also realize I can’t control the future parenting moments. I accept that. But the planner in me feels I should do something. So I read parenting books and dream about baking… and pray Charlotte will turn out okay even if my cupcakes don’t. The following list is silly, I know.  But this is my space to be silly right?

10 Lofty Crazy Mom Goals for the Next Eternity:

1. Sew a few items a month for Charlotte and a few for the house (oh, and DIY… stuff)

2. Make dinner every night (with help from dad and Grandma!)

3. Bake something once a week- muffins, breakfast bread, etc.

4. Take her on kid-centered outing two-three times a week (Botanical gardens, parks, playdates)

5. Clean our house weekly with help (this may be the hardest!)

6. Take weekly and monthly pictures in the same place to mark her growth

7. Learn and teach her baby sign language

8. Grow veggies and make baby food

9. Get chickens! (Okay, after we move out of the apartment…)

10. Incorporate parenting into my blogging without being completely annoying.

I look forward to documenting my progress or lack there of in Charlotte’s and my first year together.

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