Thrifty “Stay-cation”


C has landed a week off after going back to work for a week. He has an extremely nice work. They needed him for the short week last week to train someone and were able to spare him this week, so we’re spending our days in a stay-cation of sorts. Now, this stay-cation includes our 2 week old infant, but somehow we are still finding time to sleep and even relax a little. I was on bed rest last week and found some pretty wonderful ways to spend my time without spending a dime. If you find yourself with a free afternoon or a free hour, I highly recommend the following activities: 

Read Public Domain Classics – I downloaded every Jane Austen book free for my kindle and have made my way through Emma. Sense and Sensibility is next. Public Domain books are available to read on the web or your ereader. And it’s quite a bonus to let it slip to your friends that you’re currently reading War and Peace.

Find Culinary Inspiration from Library Cookbooks and Blogs – Okay, having a baby has cramped my style a bit when it comes to cooking, but that hasn’t stopped me from oogling after everything in the Cooks Illustrated “One Dish Dinners.” I may even convince C to make something from it. I also keep dreaming of these chocolate chip cookies. That’s on my must make this week tomorrow list.

Launch a Photo Project– I happen to have a wonderful photo subject of late and have lost hours at a time taking her picture from every angle. She’s quite photogenic. (And I’m not biased at all!) I also have enjoyed documenting the little things around my house and neighborhood. Digital pictures are free to take and post to the web. Picassa even has a nifty collage option for those of you feeling crafty. Who needs prints anymore?

Take a Walk, Hike or Drive– My neighborhood is extremely walkable. I live near groceries, coffee and a few restaurants… although I’m not sure if Wendy’s and Red Lobster counts. With the weather getting slightly cooler, I’ve at least told myself to get out and walk. We also have a hiking trail within minutes from our door and plenty of green space and parks downtown to choose from. And if we’re feeling adventurous, we drive to one of the cute towns nearby and pretend we’re small town Texans for the day.

Watch Old Movies – Classic movies are $1 at my local rental place on Tuesdays, there are countless on Netflix and a pretty vast collection at the Library. I am a huge Cary Grant fan and find almost anything he’s in is worth watching. I also judge the movies by the synopsis and hope for the best. Even the “bad” classic films are often worth watching for comedic relief.

Photo Credit: Orangette

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