How to Grow Your Own Food if You’re a Renter

           Container Garden

I love love love container gardening. Too bad I live in shade shady central. (In more ways that one…) I can grow mint and more mint on my patio. But all of you should listen up cause Green Your Decor has a very useful list of ideas for container gardening. I’ve listed the first three. For the rest, head on over to their site.

“Gutter Gardening

Gutters are intended for catching rain water, but with a little ingenuity, you can use them to create a vertical garden. Buy the guttering from a local home supply store, or try to find them at a local salvage yard or Habitat for Humanity RE-Store. Then hang them in horizontal strips against walls, sheds or fencing. Or in a pinch, attach them to a sturdy sheet of plywood and lean them against a wall. These small plots will make use of wall space, and they’re perfect for herbs and salad crops. Best of all, they’re relatively easy to pack away and take with you.

Grow Bags

Good old grow bags have been a firm favorite for growing tomatoes for a long time, and with good reason. This awesome mobile solutions is the perfect match for green-fingered tenants. Rather than the standard three plants inserted horizontally, try cutting the bags in half and planting one plant on each end. This gives the plants more room for their roots to expand and makes the containers more sturdy and thus easier to move.

Bring out the Wheels

Old wheelbarrows are the perfect solution for creating a mobile veggie bed; Plus they’re cost effective, time efficient and can be easily reclaimed from a thrift store or yard sale. Use a drill to pierce holes in the bottom of the wheelbarrow for good drainage. Then line with horticultural plastic to minimize rust contamination and add a layer of gravel to further aid drainage. A sheet of glass or plastic can also be placed on top to create a mini greenhouse, perfect for seedlings and herbs”

How to Grow Your Own Food if You’re a Renter

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