10 Steps to Live a Simple Life


These days are filled with the desire to live more simply. I’m often inspired to try but don’t exactly know where to start. This list is simple, straightforward and makes me feel it might even be possible for me! I’ve posted the first four below. Check out the full list at New Greener Family.

  1. Purge things you do not need and use. If it has been sitting in a box for weeks, months, or even years get rid of it. If it sets gathering dust on a shelf, get rid of it. If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it.
  2. Put a limit on media. That means TV, computer, and even your cellphone. The fewer electronics you use, the simpler things will be.
  3. Create a routine. From a cleaning routine to a work routine, setting a specific schedule and sticking to it will make things far more simple than jumping around haphazardly.
  4. Focus on the good. Yes, it’s easier to focus on all the negative stuff going on. Instead make an effort to focus on the good things. Savor each bite of good, scent of flower, and laugh of a loved one. Things feel a lot simpler when you are looking for the good.

Photo Credit: Me!

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