Magyar Money Conference

C and I had a very strange Friday night. We were sitting looking at the cost of something that would normally be pretty trivial but at this particular moment, four days before pay day, was stretching our ability to get through the weekend without becoming overdraft in our bank account. 

This led to an all-out deconstruction of our budget and income sources and we came to the realization actually opened our eyes to the fact that we are falling short every month since I left the restaurant and eventually, our student loans would find us and it would not be pretty when they did. (Default is worse than bankruptcy on your credit and general livelihood.) 

So there we were looking at the minimum amount we are short of our student loan paying goal: $600. Now, that number is not the amount we’d need to be clear of disaster if some crazy thing happened… like we had a baby. That’s just the loan amount. But nonetheless, that’s where we were.

Then we got into income ideas. I quickly referenced a family member of mine who delivered pizzas when his family was in need. (C just about shot himself in the eyeball.) Then we realized something obviously overlooked and almost hilarious: We both used to write articles for a content mill that paid us cash money at a set price per article. Yep, really. So instead of one or both of us driving all over town with greasy pizzas, we could sit on our tushes and write about silly things like goats and baby detergent. And we could even budget for it. Add up the amount of articles needed to meet our initial $600 goal and add on whatever amount needed to start an emergency find and then essentially, get to work. So that’s what we did.

For a few hours each morning this weekend, I worked on three articles. When C got up, he started and did the same. At the end of Sunday, we’d brought in something close to $200, working only a few hours each day. Take that evil private student loan corporation!

Crisis averted? Maybe/Probably not. But what we gained more than anything, was a glimmer of hope. We’ve allowed this source of income to give us the money making ability to help feed ourselves and pay our debt. And we are pretty darn determined, so there is that too. Based on our performance this weekend, our new goal for the month is $450/week together or about $1800 a month. Will we make it? Who knows. But at least a) we’ll bring in some significant income we didn’t have before and b) we have hope.

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