DIY & Downloadable Cards

Some of these I’ve featured before, some new – but either way they’re all awesome and easy as! Enjoy!

1. Mini Bunting Birthday Card – How About Orange
Nothing is sweeter than mini bunting, and this card can be made with your pretty scrap paper you can’t throw away (er, or is that just me?!) And bonus – this would suit ages 5 to er… 100.

2. Simple Notecard with Buttons – How About Orange
Another cute card from How About Orange, this time a combination of download (the base card with the stems) and DIY (the button flowers)

3. Beautiful DIY Kiragami Card – Curbly
When I was younger, I loved pop up cards. This is like the grown up version – who wouldn’t want to receive something as beautiful as this?!

4. Winning Words – Good Housekeeping
This is such a cool card, and so easy to customise for any occasion. Simply spell out your message on the Scrabble board, take a photo and print it off. You could say anything from ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Congratulations on beating me at Scrabble’. I think you’d need a few more tiles for that though.

5. Hello Card – Mmmcrafts
For those times when email won’t do, here’s a super cool card to send. I miss paper letters. Sigh.

6. Feather Business Card – Creature Comforts
I know this is meant to be for business cards, but wouldn’t this feather look gorgeous on a birthday card? Or any card for a fact!

7. Mini Greeting Card – Eat Drink Chic
Looking for a bit of French adorableness to give? Look no further! Eat Drink Chic is a fantastic illustrator, and this one comes with a free envelope too. Bonus!

Well I hoped you enjoyed this Card round up. I choose my very favourites, including ones I’ve either done myself or am hoping to do. The mini bunting card was a big winner!

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