Life: House, Home, Happiness?

Once upon a time when reading “What Color is Your Parachute,” I mapped out life goals. They included marriage and a home and a baby among other fabulous things. As I am sitting here married and six months pregnant, I am asking myself what’s next? I just spent the last hour looking around at affordable (125,000-175,000) homes in our area, day dreaming about the love of having a home. But is that what I’d do with more money if it came our way? 

The question really is, what do I feel my life, or our life, is missing? I remember the first time I sat behind the wheel of a new car. I was 18 and had won a brand new Prius in a radio contest. I drove it around for about a week and realized my life was exactly the same. I still had boy trouble, homework and life stresses. I was most certainly still a poor college student, the car didn’t really make a difference. So I sold it back to the dealer and went to Europe. The trip was epic and lasted six months and I would never trade it in to get the new Prius back even though the trip was long ago, and all I have to show for it are memories, pictures and a scarf or two.  

Buying a home feels like the Prius in some ways. If we bought a home, we would be spending more on mortgage than we do on rent. We would be getting home owners insurance and furnishing three or four bedrooms, buying appliances and paying for home repairs and maintenance. In short, what would our disposable income be used for? Not to beach vacations and months spent traveling. (And what disposable income?? This is all very hypothetical and not intended to suggest we are anywhere near able to purchase much of anything except food and staples.)

I think somehow I’ve reached a place where I won’t lust after every “For Sale” sign I drive by. And eventually, when our life is more in balance and my working situation exists and we have the life we want in other areas, I’d love to shop around for a home in a good neighborhood where our little one(s) can run around. And maybe that will start to feel more pressing after our little girl arrives, but for now, I’m happy where we are. I don’t think I’m in a hurry any longer to buy a house for the happiness I believe will come from it, but for the logical cost saving it will inevitably give us, so that we can continue to live our lives the way we want.

Top Twelve Things I would Do With More $$$:

  1. Not worry about money
  2. Purchase gourmet foods, flowers and wine
  3. Nest (home goods, textiles, etc.)
  4. Dine out (C, you’re invited)
  5. Travel with C and baby
  6. Do more yoga
  7. Take fun classes like sewing, cooking, photography and crafting
  8. Buy clothes and shoes… and accessories. (Hey, I’m honest!)
  9. Get regular massages and beauty treatments. 
  10. Fix up old furniture
  11. Go antique-ing and estate sale-ing. 
  12. Get a bigger space where we want to stay longer than a year, can garden and play in a yard.

But really, these are all extras. I’m already extremely happy and grateful for life the way it is.

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