There Are No Coupons for Chard

My good friend Chris has been talking with me lately about the great saving tactic that is coupons. For two weeks I clipped and combed through the weekly ads and Southern Savers deals of the week. As I glanced through the HEB ads and deals, I started to notice something, or rather, a lack of something. The coupons were useful only if I needed a “brand” item and the deals were mostly good on meat and boxed/frozen foods.

The produce that was the lowest price for the week included pineapple and a few apples, but there were very little hearty veggies and certainly nothing like chard or sugar snap peas. I was left wondering: a) what on earth would a vegetarian do in this circumstance and b) what if I want to make vegetable soup for lunch? How could coupons help me then?

Short answer: They can’t really, unless you rely on gardenburgers and processed fake meats for your nourishment. There are sometimes coupons for those types of things, but not very often.

I still see the benefit when getting the occasional toiletry item but I may soon leave most of my couponing behind since I am trying to increase my veggie intake at least by 50 percent. And the good news is that produce is pretty darn inexpensive. I may not need coupons when I have leafy things filling my cart.

This is not to say that coupons are not amazing, because they are. My taste is just pretty darn specific and I’m not sure I’m ready to plan my meals around food I rarely eat. But alas, sometimes I wish I could just stop liking fancy veggies and save a few bucks! Sigh.

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