I do love Country Living. And this project is quick and rather fun. Get the full how to here!


Turn A Vintage Painting Into A Cabinet | Country Living

If I ever get to build my own house, I am definetly going to have a hidden room! What I’m imagining is a lovely library… but when you press on a particular book shelf… pop! It opens to reveal a hidden stair case… that leads to a beautiful room with comfy chairs and maybe some secret windows!

Yeah so that’s why I would never be able to afford to build my dream house! But I would still love something secret in my house, a piece of furniture that only I know the mysteries behind! This is perfect because it reminds me of in the movies where they open the painting to reveal the safe! I don’t know what I would put in mine because I don’t really have any expensive jewels, maps to jewels or bundles of cash!

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