Dresser Re-Do

My enthusiasm for the garage sale dresser waned a bit when I got it home and C pointed out that it was in fact pretty crappy not the best wood and there was a fair amount of formica (lacquer) on the top, meaning we could not simply stain in as I’d hoped. We obviously realized this meant paint. And not only paint for the dresser but also for the two side tables were using since we kinda/sorta want them all to match. Ugh. There goes my “natural wood” idea. 

But then, this morning sunlight filtered in and I started getting pretty excited about the prospects of new and improved little dresser and side tables in our future. I went to design sponge and a few other site and found some divine (and inexpensive) repainted furniture. So here’s what I have so far:

Malm Dresser

       Painted Dresser

This beauty started as an ikea malm dresser and the very crafty owner spent a total of $25 dollars on the transformation. She added the molding and spray painted the hardware. Couldn’t you see my little dresser rockin’ this paint scheme? For the full how to and more info, head to Design Sponge.



This dresser only took a few hours and the results are lovely. 


This last piece from Ohdeedo, and highlighted on Hue Amor is probably the closest to our current aesthetic, but it isn’t necessarily my favorite. I am still smitten with the first from design sponge. 

What do you think? A quick heads up, we have a few gold framed items in the room with pastoral scenes with plenty of green and blue. Oh decisions. 

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