Austin’s Funky Chicken Coop (And Goat!) Tour

Last weekend my wonderful man sent me the information for Austin’s funky chicken coop tour.  I was beside myself that he was hip enough to find out about said tour and that he was willing to run around Austin for hours looking at chickens.


Our first stop was at a small house around the corner from where we live in South Austin. This little coop also had GOATS. I have recently gone overboard crazy about goats and love then to pieces. I want a few of my own someday.. sigh. But I digress.


This friendly lady is a Norwegian Dwarf and she and her friend produce 3 quarts of milk a day to be used in anything from ice cream to amazingly fresh and delicious goat cheese. The milking takes 20 minutes for both goats. One downside to keeping goats is their eating habits. If you like having any vegetation in your yard, make sure the goats stay far far away!

We found our way to very south austin to a coop on 3 acres with 2 goats and a few sheep. We had to watch our step walking around. Little goat poops/pellets were everywhere.



My little 4 year old friend, Elizabeth also paused from the excitement to pluck a flower from the side of the road.

We had a fantastic time with our friends my “Farmer Veronica” dreams continue to grow and swell. I loved chatting with the owners and builders of the Funky Coops and of course the goats made my day.

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