One Very “Local” Saturday

Today was wonderful… and a little exhausting. We started our day getting delicious breakfast tacos from Torchy’s down the street. We then made our way to the local library where I proceeded to check out a book about Self-Sufficiency (i.e. growing your own food and making bread and other fun things.) A few moments later, we found ourselves at a little lady’s adorable yard sale/garden/farmers market and got directions to the community garden that happened to be around the corner. We eagerly signed up for a little 12×18 plot of our own (wait list pending) and I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be growing my produce in no time! 


After perusing the community garden, we made our way to Boggy Creek Farm who’s very talented gardeners grow oodles of fruits, veggies and raise chicken as well as carrying dairy and bread from other local businesses. Unfortunately many of the yummy veggies were gone but we had a pretty good time looking at the chickens and the gardens. 



On our way out, we saw a sign for a tea shop down the street, Zhi Tea and had some local delish ginger peach oolong iced tea before heading to a local brewery for their anniversary party filled with free beer, food and music. (C’s band was playing!) 


After a long local filled day, we happily made our way home and sat around waiting for a pot roast to do it’s little pot roast thing and ate a flavorful, relatively healthy meal. Wow, what a sun filled, local lovely day. Now if we could just get some local person to come come do our chores for us tomorrow!

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