Painting Planters

I had a few pretty ugly planters out on my patio and thought it best to make them less ugly.


I went to home depot, spent 20 minutes staring at my paint choices and went with a pretty sage green that would contrast nicely with the “balcony bar hidey thing” which is hot pink, spent $3 on spray paint and went to town. Well folks, the balcony thingy looked weird so I was stuck with a color that camoflauged itself into the “lanscape.” But anything is better than plastic wannabe terra cotta… if you ask me.

So I set up outside with a bandana over my face I got in position to show these planters who’s boss. The funny part was I hadn’t spray painted anything in ages and quickly discovered it takes some skill and a steady hand. I also was trying to keep my head away from the fumes since I figure they are no good for pregnant ladies.


The results though were pretty forgiving and although the sunny patio garden idea fell through, (more on that later!) the planters look much better. Steps to making your planters less ugly? Grab some spray paint, (preferably the kind made for plastic), a stencil or two if you’re feeling snazzy, and use plenty of newspaper weighted down. (Don’t use trash bags… they will stick to everything and try to fly away.) And there you have it folks.


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