The Natural Gardener

The Natural Gardener is a little oasis outside of Austin by a few miles. For those of you in the area, it is just past the 290/71 “Y” on Old Bee Caves Road.

The place is chock full of interesting and inspiring plants and I found Lisa, Michael and Alison to be amazingly helpful. (I ask some pretty dumb silly questions and am an all around novice when it comes to this gardening business.)

I excitedly picked up my beginners herbs (sage, sweet basil, oregano, rosemary,and mother of thyme) and one little itty bitty tomato plant. Luckily they didn’t have more starter veggies or I would have had many more pots to find homes for.

I then wandered into the Butterfly Garden and watched kiddos playing in the garden. (See first pic) I also found a few examples of gorgeous square foot gardens.

These gardens would make anyone want to drop everything and dig up their own yard, or someone elses. I contemplated turning our patio into one giant dirt plot but realized the plants would suffer the consequences, as would our security deposit!

Tomorrow I’ll post all about my new gardening project and porch revitalization!

Picture Credit: The first pic comes from

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